He Starts Playing “Hallelujah” In His Violin. When She Joins In? Breathtaking!

This video below features an incredible rendition of the timeless Christian classic “Hallelujah” which was originally written by Leonard Cohen. He released this soul healing song in 1984 for his album Various Positions. Over years, this song has had a lot of renditions and covers, yet this unique cover of this song is leaving everyone in goosebumps.

This incredible rendition of “Hallelujah” has been presented to us by Aubry Pitcher and Rob Landes. With just two instruments, that is piano and violin, these two incredible artists perform “Hallelujah” like you have never heard before. Rob uses the effect of looping his instrument in this video; a process that allows a recorded section of a song to play back immediately so that another tune can be played on top of it.

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