He Began Singing A Duet With 12 Yr Old Prodigy. But His Reaction After He Heard Her Voice? WHOA!

It takes years and years for an individual to be adept at doing something. You can’t do it without a lot of practice and persistence. Yet, some people seem to be naturally gifted with immense talent. Dutch singer Amira Willighagen is one of those fortunate people. She won Holland’s Got Talent at just 9 years of age. For someone so young, her voice is out of this world!

This video shows her duet with Neapolitan-Austrian singer, Patrizio Franco Buanne. Amira was 13 years old when this video was taken. You can hear clearly how she has improved over the years. They performed the classic song, “O Sole Mio”. Luciano Pavarotti’s rendition of the song is really famous, but this young lady sure is doing a great job of covering it!

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