14 Yr Old Walks Onstage To Sing “The Prayer”. Seconds Later? I’m Instantly Covered In GOOSEBUMPS!

When 14 year old Laura Bretan walked on the stage, no one had expected her to steal the show in this wonderful manner. Her voice was low and soft as the song began but as the song progressed one could no more remember she was the same 14 year old. She completely left the entire show stunned.

Laura presented a rendition of Josh Groban’s “The Paryer”. The way she filled the entire room with power and emotion was absolutely incredible. Only at fourteen years old, this amazing girl is a powerhouse of talent.

She has been taking vocal lessons for a few years but she has already developed such a powerful voice that can bring anyone on their knees. We can just see that this fourteen year old opera singer is just in her way of becoming a star. Watch this beautiful video and let us know what you think about her talent. We would love to hear from you!

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