Ballerina danced in front of this horse, then he copies her every move

In the world of technology, nothing is impossible. This short clip with the title “Instinct Of Colors” displays four colors by the nail polish brand called OPI. It was created and broadcasted in 2012. OPI enlisted ad agency DAN Paris and together these establishments created a brilliant film for us all to enjoy. You’ll be completely blown away by this one!

Along with beautiful colors and dramatic cinematic experience, you will be able to see something even more brilliant; a dancing horse. Yes! You heard me right! This commercial features a beautiful horse aka the Land in Black who faces off four wonderful dancers. This horse was trained by French equestrian stunt trainer Mario Luraschi and he describes it as a thoroughbred horse. Even though the horse was thoroughly trained, most of the horse’s movements are animated.

Check out this dancing horse in the video below. Did you like this? Do let us know in the comments below!

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