This Baby Orangutan Gets Rescued After A Year Of Suffering. But His Reaction? Tear-Jerking!

Budi, this poor baby orangutan in the video below had to go through hell for a year, until he was rescued by some amazing people. He was imprisoned in a small chicken cage in Indonesia and was given nothing other than condensed milk as food. The neglect and abuse was slowly killing this poor guy.

When International Animal Organization came to his rescue, Rescuer Alan Knight said that Budi’s eyes were filled with tears. Even after the rescue, life was not easy for Budi. He was so weak that he couldn’t sit on his own. He had swollen hands and legs which made it painful for him to move. He is in the slow road of recovery, but he is getting better nonetheless.

Watch this touching video about Budi and his struggles in the video. Share your thoughts about this video in the comments below.

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