Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan. But Wait Until You See How The Orangutan Responds…LOL!

I have always been fascinated by the charm of orangutans. The playful nature they carry, the fun loving spirit they are really excites me. This video shows an orangutan being in its best self. When the man featured on the video visited this zoo, he decided to have some fun with this orangutan.

He smiles looking at the orangutan and then decides to toss a treat. The orangutan excitingly catches the treat and eats it. The man then sees a banana lying beside the orangutan and thinks to test his generosity. He asks the orangutan for the banana. Surprisingly without any hesitation the orangutan tosses the banana to the man. Amazed by his generosity the man tosses the banana back at the orangutan. The orangutan who really enjoyed the tossing game tosses the banana back.

This video just made my day. So generous and giving! Orangutans’ are simply the best! Watch this video and tell us your thoughts on it. We would love to have your views!

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