A Couple Was Enjoying Their Anniversary On A Boat…But When A Pod Of Killer Whales Spot Them? OMG!

Rich and Laura Howard decided to spend their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz Mexico at Costa Baja Resort/ Spa. But this couple never would have guessed what they were about to experience next. They were enjoying a wonderful ride along a friendly sea lion colony, when without warning, a pod of orcas also known commonly as killer whales, decided to surprise them!

The orcas started coming after their boat in full speed but thankfully, everyone got out unscathed. We are really grateful for the brave soul who managed to capture this incredible moment on camera. Orcas are not considered as a threat to people, but that is still really too close for comfort right? Nevertheless, what a stunning and exhilarating experience!

Watch the magnificent orcas chasing the speedboat below! Would like to be on that boat? Let us know in the comments!

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