This Clip Of 200 Rescued Horses Running Freely Is Leaving Millions To Tears. So BEAUTIFUL!

Horses are majestic creatures on earth. We love them and wish for their wellbeing. Some of us even go as far as to keep them as pets in their barns. If you are a big horse lover, or even if you are not, you are definitely going to be a bit jealous of Jennifer Kunz’s lifestyle. Jennifer may seem like a normal woman, but her lifestyle includes taking care of and living together with hundreds of rescued horses in the grounds of The Duchess Sanctuary.

This 1120 acre facility which is located near Oakland, OR, is the home for 200 rescued horses. The Duchess Sanctuary was established in 2008 and the sole objective of this organization is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless horses. When these horses finally live and run freely in this sanctuary, they truly seem happy.

Watch this incredible video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

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