This Cat Only Appears When A Patient Is Dying. What He Does Next Is Unbelievable!

Cats are known to be one of the most detached creatures on the planet. So when Oscar wasn’t overly friendly with the staffs in this hospital, they weren’t very surprised. Oscar kept to himself and they would have a hard time finding him anywhere near. But there were times this feline would magically pop up; that was when a patient was ready to leave this world.

Oscar is called an ordinary cat with an extraordinary gift. He makes his round and checks out the forty something patients on the floor. He has a habit of staying with only those patients that are heaving their last breath. He curls up next to the patient and sits with them till the very end. It is fascinating as well as sort of scary. Dr. David Dosa has published a book about their fellow feline buddy called “Making Rounds With Oscar”.

Watch this intriguing story in the video below! What did you think of Oscar and his rounds? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section!

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