They Gave This Baby Panda A New Toy. Now Keep An Eye On What He Does With It!

Every time I watch this video I can’t help but want to cuddle in with this adorable fluffy baby panda. You will also agree with me when I say this baby panda in the video below is the cutest in the whole wide world. This panda’s name is Xiao Liwu and he is giving his 18th medical exam. But what goes on in the room will definitely leave you smitten!

This adorable panda is from San Diego Zoo. While giving his medical test, Xiao was given variety of toys but his most favorite one was a green plastic ball. He loved it so much that he couldn’t seem to let go of it. At times when examiners tried to remove the ball from his hand, Xiao looked at them as if to say “don’t touch it, it’s mine!”

Can anything else get cuter than this little panda? Share your thoughts about this video with us in the comments below!

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