She Was Tired Of Being Mocked By Her Husband, So She Did THIS To Get Her Revenge! LOL!

21st century is dependent on the technology. Everyone is crazy for the high-tech gadgets and use it in their daily lives. These gadgets are even sometimes mandatory to achieve different things. It is true that technological inventions have made it easy for people to live their lives, but there are things that just can’t be replaced by it.

The video below features a short French commercial which shows the fight between a high-tech gadget and the ‘paper’. This techno freak husband thinks that everything in the house should be replaced by the high-tech gadgets but his wife thinks differently. The husband constantly belittles her for being old fashioned and using paper-back books, notepads and printers. But at the very end, she decides to prove him wrong and shows the real importance of the paper.

Wait till you see how she gets her revenge. The ending of this commercial will leaved you floored!

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