They Brought Their Newborn Home. But They Had No Idea Their Parrot Would Do THIS! Whoa!

Parrots are known to mimic sounds of their surroundings. Along with their beautiful feathery structure, mimicking sound of the environment gives them the upper hand in the survival on earth. It is one thing to learn about parrots and another thing to witness their enchanting mimicking skill in real life. This video below features a parrot who decides to imitate something different in front of mom. Other parrots imitate human language and words, while this one copies a crying baby!

The researchers have found a great deal of amazing things about parrots. They are not just entertainment pets that humans have been keeping for generations. We all know that parrots can mimic human language and sounds. The studies with the African grey parrot have shown that some are even able to associate words with their meanings and form simple sentences.

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