His Sons Kept Texting Over Dinner. Now Watch What Dad Does To Grab Their Attention.

Dinner is the only time when most of the families get to spend their time together. Most of the other times, all of the family members are either busy with their schools and work, or just other random stuffs. So, it is very important for family to communicate during dinner to have a stronger bond. However, because of the technology now-a-days, youngsters are more tempted to chat even during dinner which has put a gap between two generations.

This video below features a short movie titled “Pass The Salt” which has been directed, written and produced by Matthew Abeler. It even stars some of his family members. In the video, as soon as the dinner starts, the sons get involved in messaging and forget about their parents. This rude behavior irritates their dad. Now watch what dad does to get their attention.

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