Baby Bulldog Is Irritated Because Mama Won’t Leave Her Alone. But What The Baby Does Next? LOL!

Parents always seem to bestow love upon their children. No matter how their children might react, parents don’t back down an inch when it comes to showing their love towards their children. Animals are no different, and this fact can be observed in the video below. Patches, this mama bulldog is trying to cuddle up and show her love towards her baby, Elvis. But the reaction she got from her baby is just too hilarious!

The owner recorded this adorable moment between her dogs. I am so glad that she had the camera ready to record this moment. When Patches tries to show her love to Elvis, this little brat displays the most adorable tantrum, and you cannot help but smile at his antics.

Watch this adorable video below and share your thoughts about this video in the comments section below.

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