In 1994, Patrick Swayze got onstage with his wife, then their dance routine took everyone’s breath away

Patrick Swayze was the heartthrob among his audiences after his appearance on the movie “Dirty Dancing”. Since then, he had mesmerized everyone with his amazing dancing talent. In World Music Awards of 1994, Patrick Swayze yet again left everybody stunned with his first performance onstage alongside his wife, Lisa Nieme. They danced in the song “All The Man That I Need” as a salute to pop music icon Whitney Houston, and it is the most enthralling dance routine I have ever seen.

This sizzling dance became the talk of the town as it was performed soon after the release of “Dirty Dancing”. Patrick passed away in 2009. So this fact has made the importance of this video more prominent.

Watch this wonderful performance by Patrick and his wife in the video below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through your comments.

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