Thugs Tried To Destroy A Marine’s Funeral. But What These Bikers Did Next? I’m In Tears!

Marines sacrifice their life for the sake of their nation and its citizens. We should always respect them. A marine’s funeral has always been completed with total honor but when protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church tried to ruin the funeral of a fallen marine soldier, his family was devastated. But moments later, you won’t believe who came for the rescue.

The play cards these extremists were holding had terrible words written on them. “Thank God for IEDs”, “Thank God for 9/11”, “Thank God for dead soldiers” and many such harsh words were written in it which were meant to hurt the soldiers and their families. But right when everyone thought the funeral was going to be destroyed, a group of bikers who call themselves the patriotic guards rode in and saved the day. They played their patriotic song out loud to dismiss the protests from the extremists and guarded the funeral with their bikes and bodies.

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