Pug Goes INSANE When Dad Takes Him To A Pet Store. What Follows Next Is HILARIOUS!

What would your reaction be when you are surprised by someone and they take you to your favorite place? Of course anyone would squeal and feel really loved right? Well… it was similar situation with this pug in the video below. This pug loved pet store so dad took him to one. But the reaction this pug gave in response left even dad in shock!

This little guy’s name is Captain and he is going to leave you in hysterics with his adorable reaction. As soon as dad said “we are at petsmart”, Captain went insane. He began squealing and even wanted to break off his car seat and jump to his feet. His dad couldn’t help but start recording this adorable moment. However Captain was more than occupied to notice it.

Check out this adorable video below. Did this make you smile? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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