Owner Walks In To Find A Messy Hallway. Now Watch When He Asks His Huskies About It – ROFL!

Let’s all be honest – it is not easy raising a dog. Adopting a dog is like having a child in your house. Don’t get me wrong; they can be the best companions you’ll ever have, but sometimes they are stubborn and act like a spoilt child. Just watch this video for instance. These Huskies made a huge mess in their home when their owners were not around!

These adorable huskies in the video are named Phoenix, and Dakota. Sure they look innocent, but they are a lot more than what you think. Upon entering the house, their owners are surprised to find a messy hallway. They ask them which one was responsible for the mess. But both of the dogs just keep on howling. We don’t exactly know what they’re saying, but maybe they were trying to rat the other out!

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