This Picky Dog Hates “Dry Food”. What Dad Does To Convince Her? Wow… That’s Brilliant!

Does your dog hate dry foods? Or do he/she sometimes get picky and doesn’t eat what you provide them? Dogs are amazing creatures, but sometimes they can be real picky about their food. They can be stubborn and do not eat the healthy food they are provided. So what should we do in that kind of situation? This owner in the video below apparently had similar problem with his dog, and he found a perfect solution for it!

Luna, this Golden Retriever is an adorable dog. The only thing that differentiate her from other dogs is that she is a really picky dog. When it comes to dry food, she hates to consume it. Fortunately, her owner has come up with a brilliant plan! According to this owner, every time Luna refuses to eat her dry food, he tricks her by putting her food into the oven. Luna is compelled to think that her food is being cooked like normal human food. And as soon as it is out of the oven she gobbles it up.

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