Giant Horse Kept Following THIS Man. Now Watch What They Did Together—INCREDIBLE!

Earning anybody’s trust is a long but rewarding process. It might be a long process, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Earning the trust of an animal is perhaps even more rewarding, since they are run by instinct and not reason. One of the best examples is the man in the following video. Frederic Pignon has spent his life around horses, and you can see just how well they respond to him.

This performance was done for the Equita’Lyon 2010. It is an annual event held in late October or early November as part of the Eurexpo. Frederic Pignon got in the ring with a stunning black Fresian. They were totally coordinated with each other. To make things even better, they were later joined by two more horses! I can’t imagine the hours Pignon put into building such a bond with those beasts!

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