Pink invited veteran dad to perform his song onstage, and it’s absolutely stunning

36 year old Alecia Beth Moore, or most commonly known as P!nk has always looked up to her dad Jim Moore, a former veteran from Vietnam War. She says that, what she is today is because of her dad. Jim was a singer and songwriter as well and it inspired P!nk to follow her dream to become a professional singer as well.

During one of her live performances in NYC, P!nk decided to honor her dad and invited him onstage to sing a song he wrote on his own. 40 years ago, when he was still serving in Vietnam, he wrote this heartrending song entitled “I Have Seen The Rain”. He never got to sing it in front of the mass audience before, but his dream came true because of his rock star daughter.

Watch father and daughter sing this heartrending song in the video below. Share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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