They Gave This Dog A New Toy. But I CRACKED Up When I Saw This Dog’s Response! Funny!

Dogs surely know how to amaze their owners. They make messes around the house and then make guilty faces, or howl in the strangest way possible. The internet doesn’t lack these adorable and wonderful dogs. And now, this cute dog is here to join the crew.

This Airedale Terrier featured in the video below is called Plato. His owner has just given him a new toy, a talking chipmunk. This is a stuffed toy but it repeats what we say in higher-pitched voice, much like the ‘Talking Tom’. But Plato doesn’t know that! He thinks that this toy is teasing him and starts barking at it insanely. But the response he gets in the returns leaves him even more agitated.

Isn’t that adorable? Watch this video below and be sure to share your thought with us in the comments below!

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