This Dog Wanted To Cheer Up This Rescued Foal. Now Watch What He Does With This Towel!

Even though horses are playful creatures, it is really surprising to see horses acting like a dog. This horse in the video below is playing tag with a dog and it almost looks like he partly thinks that he is one too. It is not much difficult to imagine a dog playing tag, but to picture a horse playing one?

This rescued foal befriended a happy-go-lucky dog in the sanctuary who encouraged him to play tag with him. I felt really happy to see these two playful animals jumping and roaming around the ground with so much enthusiasm. Even though this foal was not so much thrilled to play at first, he soon gave up resisting and started playing to his heart’s delight.

Watch this adorable moment between a dog and a foal in the video. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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