Mom Gives This Abandoned Pony A Teddy Bear. Now Watch HOW This Pony Reacts!

Even though most of the animals learn to walk and even hunt at the earliest stage of their life, mothers are very important to nourish and teach them various survival skills. All living things are hardwired to take care of their off-springs however there are exceptional cases as well. Not all of the newborn gets the chance to get close to their parents! Take this pony in the video below for example!

This small pony foal named Breeze was abandoned by his mother. She left him just hours after giving birth on Bartmoor National Park, probably because of his unusual size. Poor foal was rescued by a local equine sanctuary. However, by the time of the rescue, Breeze had already collapsed in a state of sever shock and dehydration. Even though he was fed properly after the rescue, he couldn’t get over his anxieties and loss of his mother – until the rescuers brought in a little help; a teddy bear.

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