She Spots A Horse In The Mountain. Now Keep Your Eyes Open For THIS Surprise! WHOA!

Having a friendly relationship with the majestic creatures of earth, horses, is mesmerizing and all, but watching free-roaming horses in their own habitat is something else. Even though I have liked horses from my childhood, I have always loved to watch them from a far than to keep them close. If you are a horse lover like me, then you are definitely going to love this video below! It features horses in the Pryor Mountains near Billings and it is magnificent.

Sandy Palen has always loved horse and filming them. So whenever she went to the country side, she took her camera and start recording the horses she found in the wild. This video is one of her masterpieces as well. But according to her this video is kind of a bittersweet memory for her as some of the horses in the clip have already passed away and some were removed in 2012. But either way, this clip is as magnificent as ever!

Watch this video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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