Pug Was Relaxing In The Tub. But When You Listen To Him Closely? You’ll Be In HYSTERICS!

Summer is the favorite season for many people. There is a whole list of fun summer activities everyone loves doing, including cookouts, surfing and even camping. But some like to kick back and relax during the summer months. The pug in the following video is the perfect example of summer chilling. Just check out his antics below!

This pug is the perfect picture of relaxation. He is so calm that he’s fallen asleep in a tub of water. His sunglasses do add certain oomph to his look! You can actually hear him snoring pretty loudly in his sleep. If that wasn’t enough, he even lets out a huge fart while sleeping. I couldn’t stop laughing at this adorable doofus. He actually wakes himself up with his fart and even looks surprised himself!

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