Witty Parrot Does THIS Every Time His Dog Friend Starts Barking At Him. I Didn’t See THAT Coming!

Everybody knows that language is very important when it comes to communication or discussion. Who knows it better than this parrot featured in the video below? When this bird couldn’t win an argument with his dog pal, he resorted to his friend’s language. He started to ‘bark’ away his response!

In this 40 second clip, we see this Labrador named Jax barking away at this parrot while standing on the furniture. He thought he was winning the argument, but he couldn’t be so wrong! His bird friend started to reply with barks as well which left Jax baffled. Poor dog was momentarily taken aback but soon enough regained his consciousness and started barking again.

Check out this hilarious video below. What do you think about their argument? Let us know via comments!

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