Puppy escaped from his home every day. Then they finally find out why

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Here in ThisAmazedMe, we have had a lot of instances to prove this fact. To add it up, the Budweiser Company came up with this incredible friendship advertisement which is leaving millions in tears; happy tears. You won’t be able to help your tears when you watch this video below!

At first, in the video, we see a little puppy from the adoption home sneaking out. But where he goes? This is the most touching part! He apparently sneaks out to go meet his friend, a horse, who lives right next door. Every single day this dog escapes from his home and meets his horse friend. But every time he is caught by the owner and is returned to the adoption house, until a day when something unthinkable happens. This pup was finally adopted by a man and was taking him home. But sad pup cries for his friends and his friends hear him.

Wait till you see what happens next. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know via comments!

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