Dad Gets Ready For Dinner With These Quadruplets. But When He Does THIS, Watch Their Reaction!

A father and a mother have equal responsibilities and rights towards their children. However, moms and dads both do different things and share their responsibilities with each other. Dads are mostly taken as children’s hero and the one who can make their children laugh.

This video below features quadruplets with their dad on dinner table and it is just too adorable. My heart was instantly melted when I saw these quadruplets having their fun time with their dad. Mom was behind the camera and she was giggling in delight too. Every time dad moved his head, these quadruplets laughed intensively which is no doubt contagious. This guy should win the title of the ‘best dad’. When you watch this, you’ll definitely agree with me.

What do you think about this magical moment between a father and his quadruplets? Let us know in the comments!

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