Dad Can’t Remember Anything Due To Alzheimer’s. What Happens When His Son Sings This Song? WOW!

This amazing video shows a very special father son moment. This video is not just special because of the moment shown but also because of a heart touching secret behind it. This super fun video features Simon “Mac” McDermott, 40 driving around the city with his father in the passenger seat. The father-son duo is seen singing “Quando, Quando, Quando.”

What makes the entire video heart whelming is the fact that Simon’s 79 year old father Ted has Alzheimer’s disease. Surprisingly music is something that brings him back, even if it’s just for few minutes. Ted was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. He worked as a singer and performer his entire life entertaining audiences across England. He continued singing even after his marriage but sadly Ted’s memory has been gradually deteriorating in the past few years. These days it’s getting harder for him to recognize his loved ones and he is also experiencing angry

Simon tells that singing is what gets him back and these are the moments the entire family cherishes and treasures. This amazing video quickly got viral on the internet stealing many hearts all round the world. Simon intends to raise money to fund the work of Alzheimer’s society, that’s the reason he has shared this video.

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