This Raccoon Was Irritating The Hell Out Of That Dog. So The Dog Does Something HYSTERICAL!

Raccoons are one of the cutest animals that I have ever seen! Not just their faces, but their hilarious characteristics as well. They have a natural bandit mask covering their face, and they think that we can’t notice them when they so openly try to pocket our food. They are the most adorable thieves one can come across!

Many people keep raccoons as a pet, but they quickly realize how much of a challenge they can really be. Raccoons can also be annoying as hell when they go Indiana Jones on our garbage cans, but it is tolerable when we recognize that that behavior is out of necessity. This video below features a hilarious compilation of raccoons and their silly little antics which will leave you in stitches for sure!

Watch the clip below! Do you have any experience with raccoons? Let us know how you feel about them in the comments section!

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