She Was A Regular Bartender — Until She Stepped Onstage To Sing This Classic Hit By Queen! Amazing!

Rachel was a normal 29 year old bartender form Nashville. However, she had always wished to be a country singer one day. Because of her age, she never dared to sing in front of anyone. She felt that she was brushed off many times even though she had a gifted talent. But for the audition of X – Factor, she decided that it is now or never and gathered up all the courage for the one last try.

When Rachel walked onstage, she was quite nervous. She then started to sing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. But her country music version of this song is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Even the judges couldn’t believe their eyes and gave her a standing ovation at the end. Simon Cowell looked quite impressed as well and praised her for the control of her voice.

Watch this marvelous video below. What do you think about Rachel and her voice? Drop your views in the comments below!

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