They Starved This Poor Dog Till She Was Almost Dead. But When THIS Happened, I Broke Down!

Dogs are deemed to be man’s best friend. They are faithful, loyal and always ready to risk their lives to save their owners. There are many instances when we have seen these animals’ devotion and love towards humans. However, there are times when humans don’t treat these animals as they truly deserve to be treated. Take this little dog in the video below for example!

Angel, this dog in the following video was intentionally left starving for a very long time. Because of the starvation, this poor dog was almost at the brink of her death. Fortunately, the rescuers from “Rescue from the Hart” found her and saved her life. They instantly took Angel and started to give him medical treatment. Angel’s organs were shutting down, so the rescuers needed to be careful on their treatment. They started giving her little food as large consumption in a rapid speed could further affect her health. And slowly Angel started to have her strength back.

Wait till you see her tear-jerking transformation. Watch this video and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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