Poor Horse Was STUCK In A Pit For 12 Hrs. But What Happened Next BROKE My Heart Into Pieces!

Marek Slodkowski, a Polish farmer has been looking after his horses all his life, but he had never experienced something this distressing before. One evening when he went to check on his horses, he saw one of his babies was stuck in the maintenance pit. Poor horse named Freedom was unable to get herself up and even Marek couldn’t do anything for her.

At first Marek tried to fill the pit with straws so that Freedom would be able to get up herself, but it failed. Marek immediately called for fire department. When the rescue team came to Marek’s house, Freedom was already very fragile and weak. It had already been hours since she was stuck in the pit. However, few hours later when everyone almost gave up something unbelievable happened.

Watch this amazing rescue in the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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