21 Yrs Ago, THIS Final Riverdance Performance Left MILLIONS In Goosebumps. Do YOU Recall?

Riverdance is one of the most successful dance productions in the world. The theatrical show, which consists mainly of traditional Irish music and dance, has visited over 450 venues worldwide and been seen by over 25 million people worldwide.

However, this show wasn’t popular in an instance. In fact, it originated as an interval performance act during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. This Irish dance show featured Jean Bulter and Michael Flately, and with a score composed by Limerick native Bill Whelan. Only a year after, husband and wife production team John McColgan and Moya Doherty expanded it into a stage show.

This video below features Flatley’s last performance in Riverdance, often referred to as “The Final Performance”. Colin Dunne, nine-time World Irish Dancing Champion took over the part after Flatley. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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