Dad Plays THIS Hit Song From 2012. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off This Parrot! Hilarious!

In 2012, K-pop singer Psy’s “Gangnam Style” took the world by storm. His music video became the most viewed video on YouTube and on every party his catchy song was played. There is probably no one who hasn’t grooved to this song. And now, this adorable little parrot joins the club!

As you probably know, parrots are really intelligent and smart. They don’t just understand our human language but can also imitate it and make conversation with us humans. Furthermore, these birds are also very knowledge when it comes to human music. Sometimes we catch these smart birds grooving to the songs like we do. Take the example of this little bird named Rosie in the video below!

Isn’t that amazing? Watch this video below and share your thoughts via comments!

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