When Dad Plays Guitar, Keep Your Eyes On This Little Girl. What She Does Next? Amazing!

5 year old Rowan in the video below seems young. She is camera shy and is absolutely adorable. But what is really precious about her is her skill of singing. Her parents wanted to showcase her skill to everyone in the world. Thus they recorded this young girl’s cover of Caitlin Rose’s “Own Side Now” and shared it with the world. And they seem to be successful in their mission because her video is definitely going viral!

For this video, Rowan’s dad enthusiastically played this country song in his guitar. Then, Rowan instantly joined her dad and sang this beautiful song with her angelic voice. This little girl is definitely going places. Even Caitlin would be proud to hear Rowan sing this song so perfectly.

Watch this adorable girl singing in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!

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