This HUGE Bone Doesn’t Fit Through THAT Door. Now Watch What This Bulldog Does Next! WHOA!

Dogs might not be listed on the top 5 most intelligent animals on earth, but every dog owners know how smart they can sometimes be. They not only understand human emotions, but also know our language. Like humans, at times, they learn things through trial and error. Take an example of this little dog in the video below!

This English bulldog in the video named Russet is the most adorable dog ever. He loves chewing bones and whenever the family gives him one, he soon enough takes it and runs off to his secret place. However, this time his family decides to give him a huge bone as a Christmas present and as always he grabs it by his mouth and starts to run off. But when he reaches his tiny doggie door, he realizes that it doesn’t fit. Now watch what he does to solve the problem.

Did this crack you up? Watch this video below and let us know your thoughts about it via comments!

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