He Smashed All Their Eggs With His Feet. But THESE Swans’ Reactions? HEARTBREAKING!

Animal abuse is something that is inhumane and should be made punishable. While many countries have laws against animal abuse and cruelty, it is sadly not executed too strictly. Animal abusers can get away with all sorts of crimes. The following story emerged from China, and it will break your heart.

A man in Yangzhou, China trampled into an area with black swans. He saw some of the nesting ground built by some of the birds there. That’s when he did something totally shocking in front of a whole group of people.

He started stomping his feet on the ground, right on the swan’s nest full of eggs.

The eggs laid by the swans were broken into pieces, right before the birds’ eyes.

The man was even laughing while doing this. What was even more shocking was that nobody from the crowd intervened to stop his rampage.

The poor swans couldn’t do much than watch helplessly as the man wreaked havoc.

Li Yaming, the manager, said that the eggs were of no use, so it didn’t matter if they were smashed.

This was really unnecessary and cruel. How could anyone do something like this to such helpless creatures?
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