He Had No Idea What Was Behind Him In the Jeep. When He Turned Around? WHOA!

Cats are said to be curious creatures. They are not hesitant to explore things that they are unaccustomed with. Their curiosity is so legendary that that they even have a saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”, coined after them! It’s not just house cats that display this peculiar behavior. Their wild relatives are as curious! If you don’t believe this, just look at the cheetah in the following video!

This video was taken in a safari at the Masai Mara national Park in Kenya. A group of people were enjoying their wild safari, when a wild cheetah suddenly decided to join in. He took a look around the vehicle like it was no big deal at all. He didn’t look too anxious or nervous to be around big vehicles and total strangers. It must have been the most thrilling safari experience ever!

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