23 Yr Old Goldfish Struggled To Keep Swimming. But What Her Owner Did For Her Next? WHOA!

Pets are family too. They are not accessories or gift items that you enjoy one season and forget about the next. Once you have taken them in as pets, it is your responsibility to look after them until their last breath. They must be treated with as much compassion and love as any other family member. Sadly, many don’t follow this, but there are some rare individuals that make perfect pet owners.

The goldfish shown in this video was getting old. She was 23-years-old, which is quite old. She had begun showing signs of difficulty while swimming. That is when her owner came up with a brilliant solution. A lifejacket was improvised using a cork and some bikini string. After a few tries, it went successfully! Look at how happy the fish looks to be able to swim again!

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