3 Little Girls Caught Santa Pooping In Their Toilet. But Then? Watch The Girl On The Right!

Every year in Christmas season, various products and companies create their own special Christmas commercials to promote their products. Most of the times, internet is filled with these advertisements and of course every one of them is quite interesting to watch. This video below also features a Christmas season special commercial from last year. And it is the most hysterical ad I’ve seen so far.

This commercial is for a product called Poo Pourri. It is a toilet deodorizer but the company likes to call it “before-you-go toilet spray”. In this clip, we see a Santa Clause having a bad stomach day. As soon as he lands on a house, his stomach starts to growl and he has to go to the bathroom. But when he starts pooping, three of the girls in the house catch him red-handed. Wait till you see what these girls say next.

Watch this video below. Isn’t that hilarious? Let us know in the comments!

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