She Lived In Puppy Mill For 12 Yrs. When She Was Finally Rescued? Her Recovery Will Astound You!

I can’t understand how people can exploit animals for their personal profit without paying attention to their conscience. Animals are killed for fur, bones, ivory, and all sorts of things that we don’t need but they need for survival. Others are forced to breed so that their offspring can be sold. Dogs are forced to live in squalid conditions in puppy mills so that their pups can be sold off.

Little Belle was a victim of such puppy mills. The tiny Chihuahua’s health was critical after being forced to have litter upon litter of puppies. She was fortunately rescued, but she still had many struggles to face. One of her eyes was lost to glaucoma. Yet, she lived on happily, befriending other dogs. Sadly, she had to lose her other eye as well. Despite being totally life, her zeal for life didn’t reduce at all! This little girl is a big inspiration, don’t you agree?

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