Terrified Victim Did THIS To Save Herself From A Stranger’s Attack. OMG… I’m Shocked!

What do you do if you found yourself in an emergency situation, like possible attack from a stranger when nobody is around? Of course the first thing you might do is look for an escape. But when you can’t find one you might decide to call 911 right? But do you know how long it might take for the security department to come for your rescue?

According to this video below, it takes about 10-20 minutes for someone to come for your rescue even though you call 911 instantly. And those minutes are really precious and a few seconds can determine if you live or die. But that’s where a new trending app called OnCamera comes in for a rescue. This app helps possible victims avoid attackers. And how it does this? Wait till you see it yourself!

Watch this video below. What are your thoughts about this app? Drop your thoughts via comments!

On Camera

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Posted by Clarissa & Thomas Lehmann on Thursday, January 21, 2016

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