He Takes Out His Camera For A Selfie. Now Wait Till You See How This Dog Behind Him Reacts!

Everyone in this generation is going crazy over selfies. There are none in the world who doesn’t know about selfie or hasn’t taken one. With the help of their rear cameras in smartphones, everyone, from young to old, are quite amazed to take selfies and share it with the world. And now, even pets are interested in taking one!

This guy wanted to take a selfie with his dog, Nelly. But when Nelly noticed what dad was doing, she did something quite hysterical. Dad was definitely not prepared for her epic reaction and was left laughing nonstop. This is a very short video but you surely won’t be able to resist laughing at this adorable doggie.

Watch what this dog does next. Did this make you laugh? Do let us know in the comments!

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