EVEYRONE Thought It Would Be A Normal Wedding Ceremony, Until Those Kids Did THIS! Omg!

Everyone wants their wedding day to be a special and memorable one, Shannon is no exception. When she and Rick were going to have a wedding ceremony at St. Johns Church in Niagara Falls, ON, she decided to surprise everyone including her to-be husband with the most amazing surprise ever. She invited 15 students from The Music Depot for an incredible flash mob.

It looked like any other wedding ceremony at first – bride walked down the aisle, all the guests were seated, and everything was perfectly normal. But just when Shannon and Rick were about to say their vows, something unbelievable happened! A kid started to sing “Chapel of Love” and soon enough he was joined in by his friends.

This wedding sure became a memorable one! What are your thoughts about it? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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