They Found This STRANGE Egg In Sea. But What Came Out Of It Left Me GASPING! Whoa!

Have you ever seen a tiny shark coming out of its egg shell before? If not, then you have to see this video below. When these people when to the beach one day, they found a brownbanded bamboo shark’s egg stranded in the water. They immediately took it home and tried to rescue the tiny shark stuck inside its own egg. They cut the egg with the help of the scissor, and moments later the miracle happened!

Brownbanded bamboo sharks are also referred to as cat sharks. They are one of the few sharks that are born outside their mother’s belly. Their eggs are also called “mermaid’s purse” and look rather weird. I had never seen anything like this before and was shocked to see the shark come out of the egg as soon as this man cut the upper part.

Have you seen something like this before? Let us know in the comments below!

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