Magician Was Performing A Card Trick. But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Hands – WOW!

We all know that magic is not real, but we still eagerly wait for someone to appear onstage and blow our mind with their trick. The way some magicians perform makes you want to believe that magic is not fake. The magician in the video is among those phenomenal performers. Seven years ago, he decided to practice the art of magic. Before then, he was a concert pianist.

Shin Lim is extraordinary when it comes to performing tricks with cards. He even managed to fool the famous magician duo, Penn & Teller. His magic is entirely on a different level. Shin’s trick was so amazing that Penn at the end of the video yelled, “We don’t even know how you vanished the f***king marker!”

Watch this video below! Were you surprised as well? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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