Have You Ever Thought WHY There Is An Extra Shoelace Hole On The Top? Wait Till You See THIS!

No one can deny the fact that sneakers are the most comfortable shoe out there. You can do almost anything on them; from heavy physical activities to just plain old walking. Everyone loves them and owns at least one. However, even such a comfy shoe can sometimes cause blisters on our foot. You have probably noticed it and have tried to search for the solution. As it turns out, we have always been tying our laces the wrong way and it is the main cause of the blisters on our foot.

This following video shows us the perfect way to tie our sneakers. Have you ever wondered about the extra shoelace hole at the top of your shoe and its use? Apparently, these extra shoelaces are there for a reason. This hole is used to make a “lace lock”. By making these lace locks, you’ll be able to ensure that your foot is tightly-seated inside your shoe and prevent the blisters.

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