Dog Rides Silently In Her Owner’s Car – Until She Hears Her Favorite Song On The Radio!

Dogs, apart from being man’s best friend, are also a great source of entertainment. Be it chasing their own tails, barking at their own reflections, or playing the puppy face card after being declared guilty. If you have a dog you not only have a friend but also a portable entertainment system which is both interactive and battery-free.

The video features a Honey, a black and white mix dog, relatively quiet in the beginning. But all that changes once Michael Jackson’s hit single ‘Will You Be There’ comes on. Honey lifts her head to the ceiling and starts singing along. You can quite easily tell that it’s her favorite song. She even hits the high notes as if she were singing alongside Jackson in a concert. Her continuous howls can only be taken as praise while she pays homage to the king of pop in her own little way. Tell us if you enjoyed this video as much as we did in the comments below.

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